nikkisixxI knew I had to read this book when I saw this excerpt online:

The office rang Vanity and arranged for us to meet. She opened the door naked, with her eyes going around in her head. Somehow, I had a feeling that we might just hit it off.

You always wonder what life’s like for famous people, especially rock stars. Apparently for Sixx, that included spending Christmas alone, naked in his Van Nuys mansion, needle in his arm while holding a shotgun. All the ingredients that fascinate me seemed to be present: The ’80s! Christmas nudity! The Valley!

It’s basically Sixx’s diary entries with quotes from friends, enemies, bandmates and Vanity (now “Evangelist Denise Matthews”…ooh! pretty butterflies!). There’s drawings on almost every page and song lyrics and, somehow, despite all the sex and drugs going on (with and without Vanity), the book just didn’t hold my interest. Although, it DID come with a soundtrack CD if you bought it. (Wonder why the librarian didn’t hand that over? I hope she was a “Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room” era vixen reliving her glory days behind the stacks in neon fishnets.)

Maybe it’s because I was never really into Motley Crue’s music (and was, in fact, not allowed to watch MTV growing up), but I found myself losing interest pretty quickly. Maybe that Slash bio, though…